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  • Testimonial - Why Optovue Solix? by Julie Rodman, OD Image

    Testimonial - Why Optovue Solix? by Julie Rodman, OD

    In this video, Julie Rodman walks you through the groundbreaking features of the Optovue Solix OCT. Discover how this technology redefines optical coherence tomography, providing unparalleled precision for diagnosing eye conditions. Julie Rodman explores high resolution, OCT angiography, and user-friendly interface. The Optovue Solix is to date the most precise OCT in glaucoma monitoring with new advanced scan patterns.
  • Testimonial VX120DE Jorge Millán, Optometrist, (Savia Óptica)

    Testimonial - Multi-diagnostic screening US

    Jorge Millán is an optometrist who graduated from Alfonso X El Sabio University and the University of Granada, Spain. He specializes in contact lens fitting, holding Master's degrees in Advanced Contact Lens Adaptation, Clinical Optometry, and Advanced Optometry from the University of Valencia.